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Gold Bar Reporters open letter to Gold Bar's city attorney Michael Kenyon and Ann Marie Soto;

" If it walks and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck"


Sent to Michael Kenyon on July 28, 2014; still waiting a response from Michael Kenyon and/or Ann Marie Soto to below questions. 

Good morning Mr. Kenyon,

The GBRs are working on a story that involves you and the Penningtons’.  In 2009, John Pennington was charged for the 3rd time with abusing women ( beat up his wife Anne while she was 3 weeks from delivery) Pennington was convicted for hospitalizing his finance in Oregon who we will only name as Loraina, and then pushing his ex-wife # 1 down a  flight of stairs in 2005. The case that raised our eyebrows is Anne Laughlin or ex # 2.

We noticed that an attorney from your office was assigned as the special prosecutor in Anne Laughlin abuse case.  What caught our attention was that this was the 3rd offense against John Pennington for domestic violence. This should have amounted to jail time for Pennington. 

We also noted that soon after one of your lawyers ( Special Prosecutor) managed to quash Pennington’s domestic violence charges,  Kenyon Disend received two lucrative contracts, one with Duvall and the other with the City of Gold Bar. 

Then Ann Marie Soto received an email from John Pennington demanding that Kenyon Disend redacted police reports involving Pennington that we requested under RCW 42.56.  We sought the advice of an expert in PRA issues who is of the opinion that Kenyon Disend’s redaction of police reports was not permissible under the PRA.

Then a source close to ex # 2 provided us with thousands of records relating to Pennington, and those records included Pennington’s email communication with Duvall’s Mayor about how to get Anne Laughlin off the City Council after she filed for divorce.

The above issues are separate and aside from the fact that John Pennington is a prime suspect in child rape case from Colwitz County dating back to 1992. 

Here’s how our story will go  “ John Pennington and Kenyon Disend Corruption Scandal Exposed ”

Can you tell us what favors Pennington promised you in exchange for hiding his emails/records?

We will post any comment you have as it relates to the allegations as stated herein.

Correction: We stated that Anne Laughlin provided us with court records as it relates to John Pennington, when in fact a source close to Anne Laughlin provided records to us.