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No Sunshine Where the Cockroaches Roam

" No sunshine where the cockroaches roam"  takes place inside a small North Cascade city, located in Washington State.  It's based on a true story about two women who refuse to stop until the truth about a local sabotaging of the City's water system is revealed. Unbeknownst to them at the time, the Mayor is engaged in embezzling money, tampering with water samples, and a fraudulent check cashing scheme.  But she wasn't alone, she had the assistance of a political appointee inside Snohomish County Washington.

Two women start by seeking access into "why" city officials would cover up the tampering of the City's water system leading  them on a five year investigation uncovering one of the largest corruption scandals in Washington State's history.   

The book, written by an activist, who resigned from the Washington State Bar citing massive corruption inside the Office of Disciplinary Council.   After the release of public records (emails) between and among government officials, the activists uncover evidence supporting that the government officers are running one of America's largest Racketeering Enterprises
( RICO).

The former Washington State Bar member resigns after uncovering emails and other public records linking the Bar and government officials in gross civil rights violations against many of its members.  Emails retrieved under Washington State's sunshine laws revealing gross civil rights violations perpetrated upon any Bar member who dares to address the corrupt government "RICO" gang strangling Washington State's political structure.

The list of RICO gang members include several Snohomish County Prosecutors'  Margaret King, Sean Reay, Sara Di Vittorio, and Dave Hayes; several Gold Bar city officials including three Mayors, Crystal Hill, Joe Beavers and Linda Loen; three law firms, Kenyon Disend, Weed Gaafstra and Jeffrey Myers ( Olympia), Washington State Bar's Office of Disciplinary Council and at five members of the Washington State Bar's Board of Governors, Snohomish County Commissioners Geoffrey Gibbs and Michael Fisher;  Snohomish County Sheriff's Officers ( Kevin Prentiss, Matthew Trafford, Depity Ross, Deputy Martin, and Deputy Casey; and at least five council members from the City of Gold Bar. 

The first chapter describes the filthy little City of Gold Bar, Washington, strangled by an old grouchy former council member Dorothy Croshaw who spews more vile than a diamondback.  From her leak of information from a secretly held Gold Bar city council meeting, Ms. Croshaw tells a local activist about a major corruption scandal inside Snohomish County government. 
The activist, born and raised to question government officials, starts on a five year long journey seeking the truth, using Washington State's Public Records Act to uncover one of the largest corruption scandals in the United States. 

Why? Chapter two starts off with a quote from Gold Bar Mayor Joe Beavers told by another Gold Bar council member during an secret meeting " Crystal Hill is a whore, Crystal Hill is whore, Crystal Hill."  The former employee blows the whistle that the Mayor is on a journey to protect a promiscuous former Mayor from suffering embarrassment after records released document that she's been sleeping with several Snohomish County Executive Officers' and at least two Sheriff's Officers. 

While the Mayor is engaged in several affairs at one time, she is also seen at a local pub dancing on the table "flashing her boobs" to old men at Bubbas Roadhouse.  Within a month, the same Mayor is reported for tossing a child around like a rag doll, leaving extensive bruises on the child's arms and neck. With the assistance of Snohomish County Sheriff's Officers and Prosecutor they assist her in covering up her child abuse charges, because she is engaged in a extramarital affairs with several public officials, many whom she is "sexing nude pictures" via her city paid Blackberry device. 

One local Twitter even suggests that the Mayor has been an often visitor to the "robing room"  exposing a sex for jobs scheme inside Snohomish County Superior Court. 

After digging through over a 1 Million emails and records retrieved through Washington's Public Records Act, the activist finally gets to the bottom of the story;  inside the eye of the storm the Washington State Bar using government agency employees to spy and report any of associations members who raise cane against an agency.

The Washington State Bar's lead council Linda Eide and Lin ( Linda) O'Dell "caught red handed" using prosecutors and police officers in their quest to "punish" the member for speaking and seeking a clean and honest government.  

Naive that our system of government is here to protect the rights of the accused, records, including one from a former law clerk for Judge Downes ( now living in San Francisco who escaped with her county partner who destroyed evidence)  documents exparte communication as to the guilt of a mother accused of abusing her son and the Snohomish County Prosecutor assigned to prosecute the case. It's an unforgettable moment when the activist, who at the time of her five year investigation was a licensed Washington State attorney, finally realizes what's she uncovered.  After posting it on her blog, a man in a red car tries to run her off the road in an attempt to intimate her into stopping her five year investigation.

Through intimidation and retaliation, public officials inside Snohomish County,  City of Gold Bar and the Washington State Bar, illegally access private files on the activist and her family. Hoping to extort the activist reporters into stopping their investigation, the gang disseminates their crimes into public records (email communication), and then use government resources attempting to hide their crimes from public disclosure. 

Civil rights suits are filed, and the trial begins, attracting one fantastic reporter from Washington D.C.

The "little RICO" gang then misappropriates over $1,000,000.00 dollars of city funds to hide their crimes, while Snohomish County Prosecutors " little RICO" gang members spend millions attempting to cover up their wrongdoing. One Prosecutor assigned to disclosure of county records makes a special journey to Olympia for years trying to change the Public Records Act so the county can continue hiding their crimes. But it doesn't work, so they change tactics. 

The next bag of dirty tricks is to get the activist charged with a crime. That too fails, just as Washington State's open government supporters start to open up their eyes as to what's really going on inside Snohomish County.   After public records are released accidentally by a inside whistlblower from the County, the " little Gang" members are arrested in a Department of Justice anti-corruption sting. 

It's a dark road, but the activists know no fear, and continue to uncover layers of corruption inside every branch of government in Washington State.   Corruption that involves a pedophilia ring involving one of Snohomish County's top executive officers, and missing children linked to his travel records. After linking the pedophile to children missing every where he travels, the activists turn over their files to Jim Welsh.  Welsh, the father of Justin Welsh a child murdered by a pedophile, then starts his own investigation, traveling in the foot steps of a child rapist in his quest to catch the murderer. An investigation that leads him to Snohomish County's Department of Emergency Management.

Our publishers informed us that we have a publish date of October 15, 2015!   

This book is a must read for anyone considering the practice of law.