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Racketeering, Corruption, Organization, Influence for Profit,
Part I of V: Washington State Bar Exposed as RICO
Racketeering is defined by Merriam Dictionary as: the act or crime of making money through illegal activities. The Washington State Bar issues licenses for a fee (profit).  Merriam also defines an illegal action as one not allowed by law.  Violating a citizen's civil rights, member or not, is illegal.  Why? Because Congress said so. The Washington State Bar is no exception, although they believe themselves to be above federal law. An issue that we plan to challenge over the next ten years.


In late 2013, Washington State Bar lead counsel Linda Eide,  a personal friend to Snohomish County Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs, Gold Bar city attorney Michael Kenyon, and Snohomish County pedophile John Pennington ( the person responsible for the deaths  of thousands of minorities in Hurricane Katrina and 44 deaths in Oso Washington mudslides), sent the Gold Bar Reporters an illegal subpoena seeking media files from the Gold Bar Reporters.  This violated Washington State law,  RCW 5.68.010,  prohibiting any agency or any body with subpoena power from seeking media files without first going to court to seek a subpoena.  

Washington State Bar's lead counsel Linda Eide's illegal conduct resulted in our decision to start a ten month investigation into the Washington State Bar's Office of Disciplinary Counsel.  What we uncovered had and continues to leave our heads spinning, and at least one local attorney refused to renew her license, resigning citing massive corruption within the Washington State Bar's Office of Disciplinary Counsel as a reason. 

Here's what we know to be true:

The Washington State Bar  is running a racketeering organization on behalf of a few very elite political operatives inside Washington State politics. After reviewing thousands of files, objective evidence, speaking with over twenty Washington State lawyers, and county Sheriff investigative files, we conclude that a major funcion of the Washington State Bar is to cover up criminal conduct mainly committed by County, agency, and state employees ( which includes Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe's Prosectuors, Washington State Court of Appeals Div I judges, at least three Snohomish County judges, and Executive John Lovick. 

We also uncovered evidence that includes several high ranking Washington State and County public officials involvment in a child pedophile trafficking ring. Another story coming soon.

Here's how Washington State Bar solicits complaints:

The Washington State Bar solicits agency employees to file bar complaints against any attorney who questions or complains about an agency employee.  The Washington State Board of Governors also receive special perks to influence which members get investigated and who does not. 

The reason is simple: keep cost to the taxpayers down by reducing liability for crimes committed by agency and its employees and to take out anyone who who questions the Washington State Bar's RICO activities. 

The Gold Bar Reporters researched 20 disbarred or suspended Washington State attorneys. In each case, all but one attorney were disbarred or suspended also crossed paths with a small group of Washington State Bar Board of Governor members, mainly from the Law Office of Anderson Hunter, located in Everett, and Snohomish County Prosecutor's Office, and/or the Washington State's Attorney General Office.

A great example of the Washington State Bar's illegal conduct can be easily documented by looking former attorney general Christine Gregoire.  In 2000, attorney general Gregoire missed a simple deadline for filing a lawsuit costing Washington State taxpayers 19 million dollars.  This was the largest legal blunder ever caused by a sitting Attorney General in United States history.  Instead of Ms. Gregoire accepting responsibility for her legal malpractice, she blames the insurance company  and blames attorney Janet L Capps.

In a press statement regarding the largest legal blunder ever committed against the taxpayers, Attorney General Gregoire stated  " I'll never miss another deadline..." Then sitting Governor Gary Locke said  “She’s taken a lot of corrective steps to make sure that never happens again and I applaud her for that." 

But just three years later, and only after Washington State taxpayer spent over $1.2 million dollars to install a calendar system to prevent such legal blunder repeats, another assistant Attorney General Scott Lockwood was disciplined for blowing another filing deadline. This legal blunder assisted  attorney Michael Kenyon's ( Kenyon Disend) client, the City of North Bend, win a default judgment thus eliminating a North Bend parcel of land  from the state’s short list of potential halfway-house sites.

A favor or Racketeering?  With the thousands of public records reviewed over the last two months, we conclude that its racketeering, pertrated upon the taxpayers to stop anyone who tries to sue or expose an agency employee for criminal and/or civil midconduct. 


Because Christine Gregoire is a licensed Washington State Bar member who is mandated by Rules of Professional Conduct to supervise junior associates, attorney John Scannell, filed a bar complaint against Christine Gregoire.  A complaint that was mainly ignored,  because Christine Gregoire was running for Governor. 

Once Ms. Gregoire become Washington State's new governor, the Washington State Bar's investigative file of her disappeared, and she used her new political capital to go after attorney John Scannell for filing a bar complaint her.  

At the time the Washington State Bar decided to assist Governor Gregoire's retaliation against attorney John Scannell for filing a bar complaint  ( for Gregoire's gross legal malpractice that should have resulted in an immediate disbarment),  three of Snohomish County's top political players were on Washington State Bar's Board of Governors. 

The three members are:

1. Snohomish County Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs, an attorney from the law firm of Anderson Hunter. NOTE: Gibbs has been sued for RICO violations in US Fed Court.

2. Attorney Robert Leach, from the Law Office of Anderson Hunter. NOTE:  Leach has been sued for RICO violations in US Fed Court.

3. Robert Leach's wife, attorney Vicki Norris, another employee from the law firm of Anderson Hunter. 

Once Christine Gregoire became Washington State 's Governor in 2004, Robert Leach received a political appointment from Gregoire to an open seat inside Snohomish County's Superior Court.  As a result of Robert Leach's loyalty in assisting Gregoire with dismissing a valid Washington State Bar complaint, in 2010, Governor Gregoire appointed Robert Leach to an open seat on the Washington  Court of Appeals Div. I. 

At the time of Robert Leach's appointment, he had almost no experience in the practice of law. Leach remains Washington State's least qualified political judicial appointment in Washington State's history. 

Attorney Geoffrey Gibbs received a permanent appointment as a Snohomish County Commissioner for his efforts in assisting Governor Gregoire with disposing of a valid  bar complaint.  Gibbs has been involved in a lot of shady shit up here in Snohomish County which will be detalied in Part IV of our investigation.

To document whether or not we have a valid RICO complaint against the Washington State Bar and its con-conspirators, we decided to look at 20 attorneys, picked randomly from the Washington State Bar's website.


From the 20 attorneys either disbarred or suspended that Gold Bar Reporters randomly researched, all 20 of them had same or similar stories of either questioning a government officer or suing an agency or employee of an agency, or having a run in with a member of the Washington State Bar's elite group( as stated herein), otherwise known as the Washington State Bar's Board of Governors. 

We did contact the Washington State Bar detailing our findings, but the Washington State Bar and its lead counsel Linda Eide ( who was committed crimes against bar 18 out of the 20 members we randomly researched) refused comment even after confronted with evidence that the Washington State Bar is guilty of gross RICO violations, both criminal and civil. 

In 2012,  a source close to former Snohomish County Director of Emergency Management John Pennington's ex-wife # 2, told the Gold Bar Reporters that John Pennington bragged like a little child that Geoffrey Gibbs and Robert Leach would do him any political favor he requested of them.  So far, John Pennington's assertion that he is a part of their RICO Enterprise has held to be true, as true as the Washington State Bar's involvement as stated herein.  John Pennington's unlawful use of Snohomish County resources will be detailed in Part III ( stay tuned it includes sex, drugs, and a child pedophile ring).

In each case, the Washington State Bar's activities amounts to criminal activity pursuant to 18 U.S. Code § 1962. After seeing a small fraction of the criminal evidence against the Washington State Bar as stated herein, Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block resigned citing massive corruption. Block is planning to challenge the Washington State Bar's rule that prohibits disassociation because it violates the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

Block's legal challenge against the Washington State Bar will be filed in the next three months, and will be asking the 9th Circuit to decided whether or not the Washington State Bar is a state agency, and whether or not any Association can prohibit a member from disassociating from a corrupt organizaiton under the First Amendment ( every citizen has a legal right to disassociate with any organization, except in Communist China, Saudi Arabia, etc).  Block will be detailing her findings as stated herein inside her federal statement of her case.

In our next article, Part II, we will detail how five Washington State Bar attorneys were disbarred only after coming in conflict with high ranking Washington State Bar Board members, Governor Gregoire or after complaining about an agency employee. A main function of the Washington State Bar is to assist government officers in keeping the cost of tort claims down by disbarring or suspending any attorney who raises cane against any government officer or any agency. This conduct amounts to RICO violations, both civil and criminal.