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Snohomish County public records confirms
John Pennington spent most of county
time using hacking software

While 44 while residents in the small community of Oso, Washington, suffocated to death, the bonehead in charge spent most of his day "hacking" on the taxpayers dime, public records from Snohomish County confirm. 

Three months ago, the Gold Bar Reporters sent Snohomish County Department of Information Services ( also known to us as Dept of Disinformation Services) a public records request for " copies of John Pennington H_Key logins for any computer or electronic device he used. Last week, Snohomish County complied with our request giving us 27,000 of Pennington's H_key log in codes.

The County sent the first installment with many more to come as it relates to  " Our Little Michael Pedophile Brownie."

From John Pennington's computer H_key log in codes here's what we know so far:

1).  Pennington spent at least 6 hours a day working on his private contracts for his private company.

2.)  Pennington spent at least 2 hours per day working as an adjunct teacher for an online school titled American Military University, a for profit school that Senator Tom Harkin called " fraud"  on PBS special titled " Education Inc"

3.)  Pennington spent a large number of hours "hacking" into others computer systems.

4.)  Pennington spent several days posting on his blog spot titled " The Sky Valley Chronicle" 

5.)   Pennington also used a portable hard drive to download and store records to evade the Public Records Act.

We wrote the Snohomish County Council stating " Is this why we're  paying John Pennington a $150,000.00 per year welfare check?" 

Then last week, someone from Duvall, Washington, "hacked" into the Gold Bar Reporters Twitter account.  Once we became aware of the illegal trespass and theft, our Twitter account was temporarily suspended. We contacted Twitter letting them know that we intend to send a subpoena for all files relating to the Gold Bar Reporter's Twitter account.

Our readers should know that John Pennington is not a resident of Snohomish County, contrary to what he and Gold Bar's "boob flashing Bubbas Roadhouse Mayor Crystal Hill" and John Pennington posted on their blog posts titled the Sky Valley Chronicle. 

While 44 suffocated to death in Oso, Washington, mudslides, dumb as a post pedophile John Pennington criminally harassed people via county computers, and illegally hacked into others accounts. 

As a result of Snohomish County's latest public records release, we are now confident to add one more skill besides pedophile to John Pennington's resume. John E. Pennington is a hacker and as President Obama recently declared in the Sony hacking case, he is also a cyber criminal. 

Gold Bar's former Mayor who
was a regular stripper at Bubba's Roadhouse in Sultan; some say she worked for tips and drinks.
Gold Bar's former Mayor Joe Beavers called Crystal Hill Pennington a "whore"
We say " since the shoes fit, and she's worn many, she owns the title
John Pennington, scum who killed
44 Oso mudslide residents, because
of  4 day delayed response to emergency
UPDATE: Snohomish County attaching Trojan viruses to our public records responses, IT confirms