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Gold Bar's attorney Michael Kenyon and Ann-Marie Soto commit legal malpractice
Big win for the City of Gold ( that's what Michael Kenyon calls the City of Gold Bar because Mr. Shyster bilked the taxpayers over $700,000.00 hiding public records) this week in the Court of Appeals. Instead of recusing himself as having a conflict of interest, Judge Robert Leach a Aaron Reardon political appointee ruled in the City's favor on the Open Public Meetings Act ( OPMA). 

Gold Bar activist Anne Block, along with two Snohomish County reporters, managed to force Aaron Reardon's resignation last year after public records confirmed that Reardon's entire Executive Staff was linked to criminal harassment.   

Ehtical rules mandate that a Judge must recuse him or herself in cases where they are personally connected.  Robert Leach failed to disclose that he was connected to the former Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon and that he and Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs were former partners.  

Commissioner Geoffrey Gibbs is the same Superior Court Officer who held an exparte hearing only after Anne Block had filed a notice of unavailbility on the record.  Gibbs also failed to disclose that he was close and personal friend to Gold Bar's city attorney Michael Kenyon.  

Judicial complaints were filed against Leach with the Judicial Misconduct Committee.

The City of Gold prevailed on the OPMA case costing the taxpayers over $86,000.00.  In OPMA cases, the prevailing is supposed to be awarded attorney fees, however the City must ask for such fees inside in its appeals brief. Basic 101 request for relief learned in basic civil procedure during the first year of law school. 

It looks like Ann Marie Soto and Michael I Kenyon failed civil procedure because the Court of Appeals just denied Michael Kenyon's request for attorney fees because The Great Santini did NOT request attorneys fees.  

Kenyon's most recent blunder is legal malpractice per se. 

Michael Kenyon's legal malpractice cost to the taxpayers of Gold Bar equals $86,000.00.

Questions for the Gold Bar city council is whether or not the City is planning to file a legal malpractice claim against Michael Kenyon?   

Mayor Linda Loen said " I am looking into a legal malpractice claim against Kenyon." The city council members, Bob Strom, Ken Ware,  Cupcake Martin, and Thomas Palmer refused comment. 

Our readers should know that Michael Kenyon is the attorney who appeared before the Gold Bar city council over four years stating that "if the city is being sued the law firm is doing something wrong."  Looking back, Kenyon's statement are laughable to say the least. 

One resident who sat inside the Court of Appeals noticed that Ann Marie Soto's blouse hung open as though she was at a brothel and not inside a court room; the citizen also stated "  Abigail Nightinggal had her breasts hanging out while she sat on Mayor Beavers lap just a little lap dog." 

Looks like Kenyon is doing something wrong because the City will be sued again and again until the City releases our records. 

Kudos to Michael Kenyon and Ann Marie Soto for costing the taxpayers of Gold Bar over $86,000.00 for failing to request attorney fees in an OPMA.  

Kenyon Disend should be sued to recover the fees. 

This summer we have an intern working on a special research project involving what we titled " Kenyon Disend's fleecing small cities to line thier suits with Gold." 

Attorney Michael Kenyon (Voted  Most Unethical Attorney in Washington State by Gold Bar Reporters) and Ann Marie Soto 
fail to request attorney fees costing the taxpayers over $86,000.00

UPDATE:  Attorney Michael Kenyon files papers with Court of Appeals suggesting that Court Appeals Judges can somehow influence Gold Bar activists 1983 civil rights litigation against Snohomish County, violating Rules of Profesisonal Conduct by attempting to inlfuence court proceeding